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Tabayyun Business

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Tabayyun Business aims to verify domains and links to protect identity and brand and raise the level of brand reliability in circulation between customers and members of society through distinctive packages and cyber services from the Digital Investigation Center
Prevention and Early Warning

Building a sustainable technical relationship on Tabayyun Business to alert brand owners about impersonated links so that they can increase reliability and prevent the circulation of suspicious links.

Risk Level Analysis

Tabayyun Business enables you to examine a group of links at the same time and give a result in an easy and convenient way to help the brand measure the level of risk

Promote Awareness

Tabayyun Business Service helps enhance community awareness and employee awareness within establishments to contribute to the sustainability of the brand by documenting the scope on the website.


Tabayyun Business Packages


Classified the domain to a very low-risk level
White Signal

Categorize impersonated links by brand

Classification of impersonated links on the facility by the Digital Investigation Center

Check a group of links at once using API's

The ability to add 15 users and give them 150 links for a year, renewable through packages

The ability to know the number of inquiries on brand links by users of the Taybyon Links Service

API’s services

Know the number of fraudulent links associated with the brand

Secure dashboard to display brand information

FraudDefender Certification


Classified the scope to a low-risk level
Green Signal

Add a list of impersonated links to the facility

Secure dashboard to display brand information

A certificate of registration of the establishment in Tabayyun Business

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