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Tabayyun Links

Tabayyun Links It is a service that is a service that facilitates the process of measuring the risks of circulating links in order to verify suspicious links by directing or resending the link on the WhatsApp  instant messaging program before dealing with it, which helps to enhance community awareness in combating the risks of digital fraud
Browsing consciously

Tabayyun Service Shows Links helps to identify suspicious links, in addition to providing a comprehensive report on the status of the suspicious link, and directing users to use it.

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Aommunity Awareness

A service showing links that help enhance community awareness about trading any suspicious links and dealing with them to contribute to building a safe digital environment from digital fraud and digital suspicions

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Risk Measurment

The Tabayyun Links service shows links to measure the risk of the link by applying risk-specific practices and giving a result that helps the user accept the risk of using or trading the link or not.

Click on the start service button, you will be taken to the WhatsApp instant messaging application
Direct or paste the link into a Tabayyun conversation, Tabayyun will check the link and provide you with the report and directions for use, if any.

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