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الأسئلة الشائعة

تعرف على إجابات لتساؤلاتك

  • What is Tabayyun Business Service?
    Tabayyun Business service helps verifying domains and links to protect the identity and brand and raise the brand’s reliability in circulation between customers and community members, through distinctive packages and cyber services from the Digital Investigation Center.
  • How to benefit from the advantages Tabayyun Business?
    Companies can register in Tabayyun Business, add their domains, purchase one of the packages, and benefit from the benefits.
  • How do I subscribe to Tabyyun Business service?
    You can log in to Tabyan Business, register on the portal, and view the packages offered by businesses.
  • What are the advantages of Tabayyun Business?
    The ability of documenting the domain and benefiting from the service features as well as cyber services by the Digital Investigation Center.
  • What is Tabayyun Links service?
    Tabyyun Links is a service that facilitates the process of measuring the risks of circulating links with the aim of verifying suspicious links by directing or re-sending the link on the WhatsApp instant messaging program before dealing with it, which helps enhance community awareness in combating the risks of digital fraud.
  • How to benefit from Taybyan Links?
    Benefiting from Tabayyun Links service by reducing the risks before clicking and using any link.
  • How do I subscribe to the Tabyyun Links service?
    You can subscribe by entering the Tabyan store and viewing the packages for individuals.
  • What are the advantages of the Tabyon Links service?
    Verify suspicious links, reduce the user’s risk level, and enhance community awareness.
  • What is FraudDefender application?
    FraudDefender program evaluates the organization’s practices in combating digital fraud and includes conducting a survey to evaluate the organization’s commitment to best practices in mitigating the impact of digital fraud. The questionnaire was designed and developed as a comprehensive survey covering various aspects of digital fraud, including organizational policies, employee training, security measures, and detection mechanisms, incident response and risk management
  • What is Tabayyun cybersecurity information company?
    Tabayyun Information Company for Cybersecurity is a Saudi company specialized in finding and providing innovative services and awareness solutions in the field of cybersecurity, protection, and reducing digital fraud in society.
  • What solutions does Tabyan provide?
    Tabayyun solutions are Tabayyun Links, Tabayyun Business and FraudDefender program.
  • How to contact Tabayyun?
    - You can email us at - Or via social media. - Or directly through our website.
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